Let’s say you’ve acquired some dnp – dinitrophenol – powder, somehow. It comes in brown glass bottles, and the caked powder is usually a dark orange. Some brands are less powdery than others, but as long as you have bought 2,4 Dinitrophenol, you have the right stuff. To make dnp – dinitrophenol – capsules, you’ll need a measuring scale that is accurate down to one gram. I use an Ohaus triple beam reloading scale, the kind that is used to measure gunpowder for reloading ammunition. I suggest that you wear gloves throughout this process, unless you like the fashion appeal of yellow fingers.
Measure out 20 grams of powder and spread evenly on a square foot of aluminum foil. Let the powder air-dry for about eight hours, until most of the moisture has evaporated. Use a plastic credit card periodically to break up the granules and clumps so that you have a fine powder. Don’t force-dry the dnp – dinitrophenol – in the oven, as it melts at a low temperature. Also don’t over-dry the powder, because some of it will get into the air, settle onto your furniture, and stain it brilliant yellow. Dry the dnp – dinitrophenol – just enough so that the moisture doesn’t dissolve the gelatin capsules.

To make fifty 200 mg dnp – dinitrophenol – capsules, measure out 10 grams of dnp – dinitrophenol – . Any leftover dried dnp – dinitrophenol – should be put back in the bottle. You must have empty “0” size gelatin capsules; a larger size will not work. Dump the 10 grams of dnp – dinitrophenol – into a coffee mug and add 10 grams of cornstarch. The dnp – dinitrophenol – and cornstarch mix will yield a pastel yellow powder.

Get out your handy capsule loader, called a Cap’MQwik. (If you don’t have one of these, most health stores can order them, or order from their website. You might also buy a capsule tamper, that helps to settle the powder in the capsule). Load half of each gelatin capsule onto the tray of the Cap’MQwik. Spread the powder over the tray. If it looks like you have too much powder, either use the tamper or tap on the tray lightly, with a steak knife handle or something similar, until all the powder is flush with the edge of the capsule half. Then put on the other end of the capsule. Wipe down each capsule with a tissue to remove any residual powder.