Grapeseeds oil

Grapeseeds oil

  • Alias: Vitis vinifera
  • CAS Registry Number: 8024-22-4
  • Einecs No: 287-896-9
  • Grade: Natural Plant Extract; Flavors & Fragrances
  • Storage: Shading, confined preservation
  • Lead time :within 24 hours upon receipt of payment
  • Delivery Time : Normally 4-6 working days via air .
  • Usage : Grape seed oil is made .from selected grape seed obtained by cold pressing from refining natural products, rich in essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, rich in vitamin E, A, D and other fat-soluble vitamins and various trace element, is a rare natural high nutritional oils. Its nutritional value and medicinal value has been fully affirmed by scientists at home and abroad.


Grapeseeds oil  Description:


  • Appearance: pale green to pale yellow oily liquid
  • Relative Density: (20 ° C) 0.915 ~ 0.925
  • Refractive index: (20 ° C) 1.4700 ~ 1.4750
  • Linoleic acid: (%) 70 ~ 76




1. Grape seed through the most advanced cold pressing method and refined, is one of the very popular in the base oil and the effect is outstanding varieties. Grape seed oil is a natural non-toxic properties, so children, pregnant women, the elderly and athletes are applicable.
2. antioxidant, dilute the stain
3. endocrine disorders caused by dry skin, reduce melanin, whitening skin, removing chloasma;
4. to stimulate cell division and tissue regeneration, activation of the surface cells, reduce wrinkles, delay aging;
5. inhibit and remove the body of free radicals, anti-cancer anti allergic effect.
6. anti prostate cancer, the role of anti liver tumor, but also against damage to the nervous system.


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