Anastrozole Arimidex Raw Steroid Powder

Anastrozole Arimidex

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CAS 120511-73-1
Product name: Anastrozoles
CAS Registry Number: 120511-73-1
Molecular Formula: C17H19N5
Molecular Weight: 293.37
Assay: 99%
Packing: 1kg/aluminum foil bag


Anastrozole recipe:

Anastrozole (Armidex) recipe for oral

Armidex 5mg/ml 1L
5 gram of Anastrozole powder you will need:
99.5 ml’s PEG 300
895.5 ml’s of 190 Proof Grain Alcohol

Anastrozole COA:


Items Standard Results
Description White crystalline powder Complies
Identification IR
Conform with standard IR
Conform with standard HPLC
Solubility Freely soluble
in methanol,
and tetrahydrofuran.
And very soluble in
Total Impurity max.0.5% 0.18%
Total Unspecified Impurity max. 0.2% 0.08%
Individual unspecified
max. 0.1% 0.05%
Related compound B max. 0.2% 0.07%
Related compound C max. 0.2% 0.04%
Related compound D max. 0.1% 0.05%
Related compound E max. 0.1% 0.06%
Limit of cyclohexane max. 0.08% ND
Limit of ethylacetate max. 0.1% 0.07%
Melting point 81.0~84.0ºC 82.5~83.2ºC
Water max. 0.3% 0.21%
Residue on ignition max. 0.1% 0.07%
Heavy Metals max.0.001% Complies
Assay(HPLC) 98.0%~102.0% 99.8%
Storage Cool and dry
Conclusion It complies to USP32 .



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